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Credits are real money in IMVU. Credits make it easy for everyone around the world to pay for stuff. You need credits to Shop the Catalog, Give Gifts to Friends, Submit Your Products to the Catalog, and Pay for other Services

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The current weekly buying limit per customer is 100000 credits Delivery is now instant. Please make sure that you don't mispell your avatar name. When you buy from us you support our developers and our IMVU training activities in China. IMVU credits are for IMVU messenger and not for use in Second Life.

What's new?

We are a REGISTERED IMVU reseller featuring SECURE and INSTANT TRANSFERS!!!

Why buy from US?

Buying credits from us not only saves you up to and over 50% from IMVU prices but you also help supports us for making new items for IMVU.

Pay with PayPal or any major credit card

You can pay by using PayPal. PayPal accepts the following credits cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Remember, if you are underage you must have your parents permission to use their credit card or PayPal account.

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Remember to include your avatar name. If you forget or have any questions email me

How long will it take to get my credits?

Credits are transferred immediately unless you pay by eCheck. If you don't get your credits within 12 hours contact us by email.


It is illegal to use another person's credit card without permission. Any IMVU user caught making unauthorized payments may result in being banned for life and reported to the FBI for identity theft.

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